Ghost Effects Aston Community Centre Treblebooster

Based on the classic Rangemaster circuit, the name is a nod to a famous Birmingham guitarist who allegedly used a modified Rangemaster in his early years of playing.

The original 1960s units were amptop boxes with just a level control.

For this version I added an input capacitor blend 'Tone' control, and added drop down resistors to help combat 'popping' when the circuit is switched in.

Great for brightening up and pushing a dark sounding valve amp.

Can also sound good after fuzz for tone shaping and before fuzz for boosting though the background noise levels raise a bit with the latter combination.

I can do a high gain version with an extra 'UTV' bias control, or a low gain version with just the 2 main controls.

The circuit is built in a rugged point to point style using my own tryed and tested layout, rock solid build quality throughout.

Cases are powdercoated by Bournes, with the labelling screenprinted by Missionprint, both local Birmingham based firms.

Available NOW for 120 plus shipping.