Ghost Effects Dizzy Tone

Based on the Italian Elka Dizzy Tone fuzz, a very similar circuit to the Burns Buzzaround but with a little more aggression.

Controls are Attack (Timbre/Tone), Balance, and Sustain.

I borrowed an original Dizzy Tone from a collector to confirm all of the component values in the circuit and to verify what one actually sounds like.

The collector owns the first one I made and has compared it very favourably to a second original Dizzy Tone he owns, here are a few quotes from him....

"This pedal - which as you know has been backwards and forwards - is now as far as I'm concerned - ABSOLUTELY PERFECT - I cannot remember the last time I reacted so viscerally to a pedal..."

"As far as comparison with the old timer...It was just 100% - I wasn't expecting it to be identical - if anything it sounds even better - how the hell could that be?? The excitement I guess."

All Ghost Effects Dizzy Tones have professionally powdercoated cases by Bournes, with the labelling screenprinted by Missionprint, both local Birmingham based firms.

Available NOW for 130 plus shipping, Email to order one.


Ghost Effects Dizzy Tone Manual








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