Ghost Effects Sounds of Today

The Sounds of Today is based on the 1965 Tone Bender MK1 circuit but with a few small changes and the addition of new controls.

The 'Attack' control from the original is set internally at 47k or 'full', I have instead added Bias and Drive controls. I carefully select the transistors to work with the circuit.

The Bias controls transistor two's collector bias, letting you pinpoint a 'sweetspot' or totally mis-bias the transistor and enable 'gating'.

The Drive control lets you adjust how much signal is being sent to the final gain stage, if you have it full you get the most fuzz, as you turn it down the tone gets less fuzzy.

Adjusting the drive can make the circuit act more like an overdrive or dirty boost circuit, adjust the level to taste as turning down the drive also makes the circuit quieter.

Use a 9V battery or 9V DC negative tip power adaptor, but do not daisy chain the power, the pedal needs its own isolated supply.

Cases are powdercoated by Bournes, with the labelling screenprinted by Missionprint, both local Birmingham based firms.

Available NOW from Joe's Pedals or direct from myself at 250 plus shipping.