Sounds of Today MK1

A heavily modified version of the Tone Bender mk1 circuit.

The results of breadboarding the MK1 circuit and trying out a few ideas I had from building 'stock' MK1s.

At extremes the tone is more full on than a 'stock' MK1 however more overdriven tones can be achieved by backing off the 'Drive' which controls the amount of signal being sent to transistor 3.

Input/Output capacitors are the same as a 'stock' MK1, the 3rd capacitor has been increased in value for more artifacts to the fuzz sound, biasing and level is hotter than a 'stock' MK1.

I use a high gain transistor for transistor 2 which achieves the tone I wanted from this version.

The Bias control is actually the 'Attack' control from the original MK1, I decided to take this opportunity to re-label it! This controls the bias of transistor 2.

Using the Bias control you can dial in a sweet spot and get smooth sustained fuzz near the bottom end of its travel, or turn it up for a more gated sound.

Cases are powdercoated by a local firm, Labelling is a professionally printed vinyl sticker.

The name of the pedal and its tagline are from the original 1965 advert for the Tone Bender MK1.

Available now, Email for more information. Price 100 Plus shipping.







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